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When it comes to best ROK pairings for Mehmed you can use any nuking skill damage commander that you have. But I would recommend that you use YSG as primary and Mehmed as a secondary commander. Together Mehmed and YSG will do an insane amount of nuking damage and you have an anti swarm system. You can use also commanders like Minamoto, G.Khan but.In this video sponsored by the makers of War and Order, we review the best legendary accessories for each commander. DOWNLOAD WAR AND ORDER HERE: https://bi...In this game, the legendary commanders should be played. Commanders and troops . You can use only Commanders that you have. So choose the best rok commanders that you have. Also, troops that you get with commanders are chosen by the game. If you pick Richard you will get infantry, El Cid you will get archers, Boudica you …

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Here we need to keep in mind that each commander has three wheels. It would be best to get extra wins here to know the value, so in certain spins like ten spins, twenty five spins and so on, you should try and get many wins. The player should have the knowledge between promised heads and the ones that are by chance. ... By ROK players for ROK ...November 2022 Legendary Infantry Commander Tier List Ranking of Rise of Kingdoms. This rok commander investment guide is suitable for new players to season o...Best F2P Legendary Commander ORDER in Rise of Kingdoms!Rise of Kingdoms is a Real-time Strategy game released on Mobile and PC devices. In Rise of Kingdoms, ...Liu Che Build - Best Talents, Pairings, Equipment & Skills. Liu Che is a legendary commander that possesses talent trees in Infantry, Versatility and Attack. Liu Che is a recently introduced legendary infantry commander in Rise of Kingdoms. Whether you've just unlocked him or are aiming to do so, you might be curious about how to ...2. Best Archer Commander Pairing for AOE Nuking: (Edward of Woodstock and Yi-Seong Gye) Edward of Woodstock and Yi-Seong Gye: If Edward and Tomyris are the best pair for nuking single enemy targets, the best pair for nuking multiple targets is Edward and Yi-Seong Gye. They both have powerful direct damaging nuking abilities.Testing YSG with Various infantry commanders Guan YSG 00:00 - 04:00Martel YSG 04:00 - 06:31Richard YSG 06:31 - 10:11Alex YSG 10:11 - 11:08Conclusion 11:08 - ...5. Tariq ibn Ziyad. For rallying cities and objectives, Tariq is perhaps one of the best Commanders in the game right now. Indeed, he also makes our lists of the Best Infantry Commanders and Best Legendary Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. He grants the Infantry under his leadership a lot of attack and defensive boosts, much like all the …Osman I is one of the Epic commanders with the most damage per skill in Rise of Kingdoms. Great troop capacity and specializes in leading any type of unit. His active skill "The Empire Awakens" causes strong damage to his enemy, affecting him directly (This skill is improved by "Expertise"). "Sword of Osman", his 1st passive skill ...If you are wondering how he compares to other legendary infantry commanders, you can check out the ROK commander Tier list. Liu Che Prime Skill Overview. Glory of Shizong (Active Skill) Required Rage: 1000. Liu Che Deals smite damage to up to 5 target troops in an arc (Damage Factor 2250). Every additional target reduces the damage dealt to ...Richard/YSG Martel/Sun are the meta pairs for kvk1, no question. F2p has to focus on survivability and grinding those kills over going at it with dps. Bjorn/Sun is for dps, though gets targeted frequently and will melt exceptionally fast. Richard and Martel are both built to be tanks, and will last 4x longer than Bjorn.Best Civilizations for Healing Troops. In Rise of Kingdoms, there are a lot of civilizations, some of these also have Buffs that help heal troops easier: France: Hospital Healing Speed + 20%. Korea: Hospital Capacity +15%. Byzantium: Hospital Capacity + 15%. Hopefully you have gained some of the best tips after reading this guide regarding ...The best infantry commanders and best infantry pairs in rise of kingdoms for f2p and high spenders! Best Infantry pairings in rise of kingdoms may change if ...There are a lot of commander ADHD issues here with your legendaries. Pick one and finish it. I'd recommend Saladin to 5551(finished for Saladin). Your other big issues is that most of these non infantry marches are exactly the marches people target intentionally.If you want to battle, you need a commander. Every commanWhen attacked, Scipio has a 10% chance to increas One of the best commanders in Rise of Kingdoms thanks to his incredible versatility, great for Open-field, Rally and Defender Garrisons.: Excellent Rally and Open-field commander, one of the toughest of its kind in Rise of Kingdoms, as well as deadly.: Infantry Leading Specialist Alexander is one of the strongest commanders for open-field, in KVK 2 he is excellent.Also, make sure to check out our lists of the Best Epic Commander Pairings in Rise of Kingdoms and the Best Legendary Commander Pairings in Rise of Kingdoms. Best RoK KvK 1 Infantry Commanders. Below is a table of the best RoK Infantry Commander Pairings to use in KvK Season 1. In addition, the list outlines when each of these pairings is best ... In this video sponsored by the makers of Infinite Galaxy, we Cavalry Troops. Table of Contents show. Cavalry units are the third kind of units you unlock in Rise of Kingdoms. They can be trained and upgraded through the Stable building. There are several commanders that have special abilities to make the most of Cavalry units: Lancelot, Pelagius, Cao Cao, Minamoto no Yoshitsune etc. 5/5/5/5 skill distribution. The commanders that you s

Honda Tadakatsu (Leadership) 1. Alexander Nevsky and Joan of Arc (best Cavalry open-field pair) This is a well-tested duo for open field, many players use this combination and have received insanely good trades with it. Even after the arrival of Huo Qubing they still remain the best cavalry pair for field fighting.Join rallies led by whales. Your commanders don't matter if you join rallies. Focus Richard if you want to go full infantry later. seeing your a low spender, this is a good way to go. YSG is always a great option too because he's useful for many roles. You can also wait until Alex wheel after KVK, and invest in him if you are going full ...Infantry are the first troops available to the governor of a newly-founded city. They are trained and upgraded in the Barracks. Several commanders have the ability to specialize their talents to boost the effectiveness of infantry, including Richard I , Charles Martel , Eulji Mundeok , Sun Tzu , and City Keeper . “One of the earliest military units. Relies on brute …1. Richard I is considered to be the best garrison commander not only because of his excellent infantry and defensive skills but also because of his powerful healing ability. He may have attack …Constantine is a legendary infantry commander in Rise of Kingdoms with the Infantry, Garrison, and Support talent tree. Constantine is available for kingdoms that have been open for more than 120 days. ... You can test other commander but the best ROK commander pair for Constantine is Richard. YSG.

Aethelflaed: Although she is pretty weak while being a Legendary, she is still a lot stronger than all Epic Commanders in the game. Silver Keys: You will earn a lot of Silver Keys in the long run. Epic Sculptures: To work on your favorite Epic Commanders and to get a lot of rewards in the KvK Past Glory. 1 Epic Sculpture = 5 Heroic CoinsSun Tzu . Well, Sun Tzu and Cheok Jun-Gyeong is a pair that you will use if you do not have any other nuking infantry commander available. They will do nice damage together. Cheok Jun-Gyeong Skills Courageous. Deals direct damage (Damage Factor 1700) to the target. If the target has less than 30% of units remaining, deal additional damage (Damage Factor 300).Infantry are the first troops available to the governor of a newly-founded city. They are trained and upgraded in the Barracks. Several commanders have the ability to specialize their talents to boost the effectiveness of infantry, including Richard I , Charles Martel , Eulji Mundeok , Sun Tzu , and City Keeper . "One of the earliest military units. Relies on brute force and is usually ...…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Commander Skills. Here's a list of Charles . Possible cause: In this video sponsored by the makers of War and Order, we review the be.

Aetheflaed. A great legendary commander that we can obtain for free via the Expedition Mode. She is definitely the best legendary commander for free players! Aethelflaed is characterized by leading various types of units due to her talents and skills. She has a great damage-per-skill in fan-shaped AOE, and the damage it causes to neutral units ...BEST Legendary INFANTRY Investment Order for F2P! Rise of Kingdoms Infantry Guide 2024🟥 BUSINESS EMAIL - [email protected] of Kingdoms is a Real-time St...

Their early commanders require too much investment to be useful. Cavalry is also pretty meh in first kvk cause you will only have 2 half decent options. Go with infantry. Invest in Sun Tzu and get YSG later when his wheel comes around. Later you could get Alexander or save for Season of conquest where real powerful commanders are.Infantry Units are the cheapest troops to train! The majority of the time in Rise of Kingdoms, you farm Food and Wood. You gather Stone and Gold as well but the fastest resources that you can farm are Food and Wood. If you look into the Economic Technology, the main focuses of the early stage are Food & Wood technologies.

My NEW Top 5 ARMIES for KVK in Rise of Kingdoms 2023! B Upgrading Priority of Skills for Richard I: 5111 - Good bang for the buck for free-to-play players.; 5511 - At 5511, Richard I can be paired with any other commander and be useful, as his first two skills can be applied regardless of troop type.; 5551; 5555 - If you have sufficient universal Legendary Commander Sculptures, you could Expertise Richard I for his Expertised skill.If ur a whale France, if ur not a whale choose vikings or rome, rome has extra march speed but does less damadge and takes more damadge in the field, personally i like vikings. If you don't spend days and days in field fighting, the rome buffs will be a lot more beneficial for you than france's healing speed. The healing speed really only ... Discord: yt BEST Legendary INFANTRY Investment Order for F2P Embarking on the odyssey of online product shopping can be an uphill task, particularly when faced with the hurdle of inadequate knowledge. As you set your sights on the pinnacle of Infantry Commanders Rok excellence, we've taken on the mantle of pioneers by meticulously dissecting and rigorously evaluating the top 10 products. Best Epic Commanders in RoK. The Best Epic Commande The first is as a primary garrison commander, and the second is as a supporting infantry march to grant buffs to friendly units, or to inflict debuffs on the enemy. Constantine Garrison Talent Build When building Constantine as a primary garrison commander, your first aim is to get as much rage generation as possible so that his debuff can be ... Best Infantry Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. 5. Tariq ibn Ziyad. For rallying cities and objectives, Tar6. Bjorn Ironside (Primary) & Eulji Mundeok (Secondary) Bjorn Commanders pairing tier list for KvK season 2Tips for bubble tea! my discord for more useful informationhttps://di... My NEW Top 5 ARMIES for KVK in Rise of Kingdoms Learn the latest tips and tricks for the best infantry pairs in Rise of Kingdoms, sponsored by the game developers. Watch the video and join the Liu Che META! The ultimate guide to equipment and best gears for all c[If you are wondering how he compares to other legendary infaEmbarking on the odyssey of online product sho Talent. Each Commander has 3 Talent trees. There are a total of 15 Talent trees: Every Commander has one Red Talent, one Yellow Talent, and one Blue Talent. The Red Talent determines whether the Commander excels at leading a specific-type troop (infantry/archer/cavalry) or a mixed-type troop.The daily special offer has the possibility of having legendary commander sculptures. And it has a fixed rotation based on which commanders you have fully expertise: Cao Cao → Charles Marted → El Cid → Caesar → Mehmed II → Fred. Every time you open 3 chests, you are guaranteed to receive a random amount of legendary commander sculptures.